For Human Resources professionals within the hospitality industry

There are four types of membership:

  • Full Individual Members
  • Corporate Members
  • Student Members
  • Honorary Members

Full individual membership

Full individual membership will be available to all Human Resources professionals within the hospitality industry, or those who are deemed capable of contributing to the aims of the Association.

Corporate membership

Corporate membership is taken out by the companies and/or subsidiaries operating hotel & catering establishments or organisations with an interest in Human Resources and/or training related activities associated with the hospitality industry.

Where a company has various subsidiaries, each subsidiary company will take out separate membership.

There will be three bands of corporate membership which will be based on the size of the company/subsidiary.

These bands will be agreed annually and revised as necessary at the annual general meeting of the Association.

Such membership will allow nominated employees the full range of Association benefits and privileges. Such nominated persons are hereinafter referred to as ‘corporate nominees’.

Student membership

Student membership is open to those persons currently undertaking a recognised course of studies related to the hospitality industry or the Human Resources & Training function generally in the industry.

Honorary membership

Honorary membership will be awarded only at the discretion and invitation of the executive committee. At no time will the number of such members exceed 6 persons.

Membership Fees

Membership fees for HR in Hospitality are tiered depending on the size of the organisation as follows:

  • Individual £100.00
  • HR Team 1-3 people £200.00
  • HR Team 3-5 people £250.00
  • HR Team 5+ people £350.00
  • HR Team 10+ people £550.00

Membership allows you & your colleagues free access to all HR in Hospitality events throughout the year (excluding the post-Christmas event and the Awards Ball), and you may also bring non-members along at a cost of £5.00 per person.

Individual £100 HR Team 1-3 people £200 HR Team 3-5 people £250 HR Team 5+ people £350 HR Team 10+ people £550